About Elias Restaurant

about eliasTurn of the century Filipino dining – a trademark that is only Chef Florabel Co Yatco’s.

Elias is a mélange of an elegant Filipino home during the Spanish colonial period, and a modern, classy Filipino restaurant of the 21st century.

Guests are welcomed by the servers with warm smiles and greets, characteristic of Filipino hospitality. The full menu spread, from appetizers, soups, salads, main dishes, desserts, merienda, and even rice choices and drinks, are all prepared with a 21st century twist. Each menu item is carefully crafted and excellently presented, just how Filipino dishes deserve to be.

The stylish yet cozy ambience and artistic food presentation are topped with the rich flavors that will make every Filipino proud, and every foreigner’s palate fly back for more. Innovative dishes like the signature Monroy, the famous and original laing pizza, is a delectable treat for all.

Located in the newest strip of Fort Bonifacio High Street – Central, Elias is the perfect restaurant for hosting family, friends, and even business associates. Dine at Elias for a first-rate impression and an undeniable exquisite experience.